c0c0n3 stands for co-cone which is what I call whatever looks like an upside down cone after snorting an epic amount of maths.

As if snorting maths wasn't bad enough, I also have binge programming disorder. I desperately needed a username to remind me constantly of how badly maths and programming can mess up your brain, hoping one day I'd give up my addictions. What better than silly-sounding maths jargon then? "Cocone", honestly, say it loud! (Not in public though...) Also, why not go the whole hog and make it look like source code? For that, just replace vowels with numbers and—voilà!—you have c0c0n3.

Oh, the use of a Leet-looking username is totally accidental, surely not meant as a proclamation of a high level of skill.

What are you likely to find here? Lots of maths and (mostly functional) programming as well as ways to use the maths hammer & chisel to craft beautiful programs. (Follow the links to see the sort of stuff I like and find beautiful; the plan is to start blogging about some of that stuff…) Did I mention I've got an addiction problem?